Kariko - C9

Age: 19

Gender: Female
Powers: Ice, Swords
Family: Unknown
Rank: Councilman

"I may be young, but I wouldn't underestimate a Captain, no matter the age."===

Kariko is the youngest Captain on the Council, and is also the Partner of Sea Redford. She enters in Episode 9, with her partner.

The Council WarEdit

The Council wars started soon after she got recognized as one of the strongest Captains on the Council, beating Kenji in a battle. During this time, she leads Team 7 to the battleground. There, she defends her squad, and gets heavily wounded defeating one of the 5 shadow lords of the underworld.

The War of the DimensionsEdit

In this war, she leads Squad 2, along side Sea Redford, Damion, and Kenji Masahiko. All Four of them get into major battles that lead to near-death. Damion and Kenji fight each other.

Kariko - Wounded in battle

Kariko, heavily wounded during the War of the Dimensions.