Episode 362 Byakuya

Age: 536

Gender: Male
Race: Shadow-being
Powers: Fire Use, Shadow Manipulation.
Family: None
Rank: Councilman
Voice Actor: Tim Herbert Jr.
Debut: Episode 1

"My friends rely on me, and scum like you don't deserve to live"===

AKA the Shadow Councilor, Kenji is the oldest and most deadly weapon of the Magic Council. He is partnered with Damion. He's also a Professor at the School of the Gifted and Talented.


He is over 500 years old and is highly experinced with the use of his powers. When he was a young boy, his whole town was killed, while he watched from the shadows. He doesn't know why he lived, but he's determined to help the world.


During the start, he is Professor of the Freshman stealth class. His powers are revealed in episode 2 and he has since then, shown some of his true abilities.

Kenji VS RoadieEdit

Roadie is Kenji's first assignment from the Council and is also his first challenging opponent. Kenji shows a fraction of his true strength, but he is disappointed when Roadie dies quickly.

Kenji VS VenusEdit

This is Kenji's first battle where he comes near-death. Venus is a fellow Council member and she almost kills him with her sneak attack. Kenji is also disappointed when she dies from an attack from below her.

Kenji Vs. DamionEdit

During his fight with Damion, he's trying to supress his anger. Damion winds up slamming Kenji into a large wall, presumably killing him, though, he gets revived a few days afterward.
Byakuyas death

Kenji "dies"