The New Council is divided into multiple divisions, going by Strength.

The Cerberus are the three heads of the New Council. They are the highest in strength and they were elected through battle.

Cerberus #1: Hatsuko Mitsugai
Hatsuko Mitsugai

Hatsuko Mitsugai Cerberus #1

He is the leader that is the strongest, and can beat every person on the Council, with ease. His powers consist of all of the elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. He can make ice, blue fire, black fire, earth splitting hits, and tornados. His own add-on to that, is the use of lightning.

Age: 27

Rank: Cerberus #1

Cerberus #2: Kariko
Kariko - C9

Age: 19

Gender: Female
Powers: Ice, Swords
Family: Unknown
Rank: Councilman

She is the second, because she beat Kenji in battle, but fell in battle to Hatsuko. She can beat almost everyone on the Council with little difficulty.